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  • Breach, is an innovative company in the provision of technology services, specializing in identifying and assessing the operational risks, with an emphasis on the assets IT physical and logical, oriented to the resources invested in technology are reflected with results in productivity and efficiency.
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IT Risk Management

The solutions for risk management and regulatory compliance in computing enhances transparency, providing access to comprehensive data, accurate, consistent and auditable. These solutions also improve how to measure, monitor and manage the risks.

Network Management

We plan and we documented safe techniques in order to maintain an operational network efficient and constantly monitored (maintenance, deployment and monitoring).

Analysis of IT security

We studied their computing infrastructure and everything related with it to implement measures and security protocols, according to the good practices identified by international bodies.

Design, deployment and management of diagrams of high availability, reliability and scalability

We implement solutions capable of absorbing the shocks without significantly altering its characteristics of structure and functionality, and may return to its original state once the disturbance has finished, creating plans for synchronization, back-up local or remote, automatic failovers, redundant systems, among others.

Platform Migration to the cloud

In BREACH we are oriented toward the reduction of costs, flexibility, high security and availability of the critical tools of the company. Based on successful cases of industries and companies of many sizes, we will help you choose the best technologies in the cloud and to plot a strategy for your business in order to get the best benefits and exploit the latest technology.

social engineering. Secure the Human!

Due to the fact that 85% of the reported security incidents have internal collaboration, in breach we measure the human risk using proven methodologies, parametrise the findings and define behavioral changes that will help your company mitigate the risks associated with human factors.

Video Solutions - monitoring, comprehensive and secure

We implement a tool that provides complete protection in conjunction with a video management software in network, high definition cameras, access control products and video analysis.

Infrastructure Solutions

We offer cost effective storage and data management, design, installation, and configuration with high levels of quality and safety in companies with dynamic environments.

Virtualization Solutions

We consolidate their management resources and infrastructure by reducing in the short term, the costs of hardware and software.

Computer Forensics

Through the digital forensics we apply scientific and analytical techniques in specialized technological infrastructure that enable you to identify, preserve, analyze and present data that are valid within a legal process.

IP Telephony

We offer the most advanced solutions for IP telephony and unified communications, exploiting 100% of the services that it offers, reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the company.

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Portfolio of Solutions

Silent tool of research and evaluation of the integrity of the Human Resource

Professional Tool for the management of research-based technology in the LVA (voice analysis by layers) world leader in reliability testing, research management, recruitment of staff and periodic tests.

Vulnerability Scanning

It allows advance determine deficiencies in security, risk mitigation, automating the identification of vulnerabilities, prioritizing the remediation based on internal policies and reducing the impact on the business.

Monitoring of employees

Solution of monitoring user activity that enables companies to record, review and monitor all computer activity of the user, creating a definitive record of the behavior of an employee, avoiding the leak of information, the escalation of privileges, the fraud of the employees, among others.

Ethical hacking

Through a controlled penetration in the computer systems of the company, we discovered deficiencies relating to computer security and vulnerabilities of the infrastructure of the same, in order to locate threats to then report them and take measures to prevent harm.

Strong encryption of information, local encryption and in transit

Technical tools and cost-effective to protect cellular communications and VoIP, text messages, file transfer, and in general all kinds of PGP information, 3AES, RSA, 3DES and Blowfish.

Access Control Multi-factor

Through the implementation of methods of multi-factor authentication are reinforcing policies for access to objects, this includes OTP systems, biometrics, key fobs, soft tokens, etc.

Systems for the protection of the integrity of the information.

Defines the methodologies and techniques of backups, checksums, cryptographic checksums, systems programming, testing, storage, and backup recovery.

Assessment, development and implementation of DRP

Through the development of the disaster recovery plan are defined the actions that must be done in a period of time specified in the cases of some contingency (sinister, disaster) hinder the operation of the computing resources in the form of partial or total a organization.

Assessment, development and implementation of BCP

By structuring the BCP defined mitigation strategies of operational risk whose basic objective is to maintain the operability in the event of a disaster, or eventuality, which prevents the normal operation of the company, reducing the impact and the possibility of failures in the processing of their operations.

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  • Prioritize and set levels of risk to their business processes and resources critical.
  • Go to mitigate the risk to proactively prevent failures.
  • Make informed decisions about how to protect your company.
  • Evaluate the tactics and the cost of managing risks associated with the different levels of protection.
  • Adequately Prepare for audits of the control agencies.
Triad security!

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Portfolio of Services

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In breach you can count on support solutions through a complete set of online tools, services, documentation and resources for scaling up.

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